TestimonialsYou too can benefit from the machines…
just like our clients.


“A great way to manage arthritis at any age” –

Thanks Mya for the lovely new studio to exercise in.

I am 73 years old and have arthritis in my back and joints.

I owe my good health and wellbeing to using your machines regularly over the past 9 nine years.

My back pain has gone and joints are no longer stiff.

This is a great way to exercise without any impact to aggravate my health issues.

Gloria P

“Machines used for rehab after car accident” –

Four years ago I was involved in a major car accident which caused damage from my pelvis all the way to my ankle and foot.

After surgery in 2010 I was told that I would have to live with pins and rods in my ankle area on my right foot.

Having years of physio treatment, hydro treatment and gym, I found the pain, stiffness and mobility would only be temporarily improved with each treatment.

12 months ago I began at Shape Station and have a lot more joint mobility, more core strength, less pain throughout my body. Shape station helped me get back into shape both mentally and physically and helps my mind and body stay stimulated, healthy and fit. . Since then, thanks to Shape Station, the rods and plates have been removed from my ankle area.

I encourage women who suffer from chronic pain, arthritis or stiffness to join Shape Station and to trust that Mya will help you reach your desired results.

Mya helps you stay motivated and focused and makes you feel like you are a part of the family. She is always there with a big smile on her face and a welcoming and encouraging attitude.

Thank you so much shape station and of course – our Beautiful Mya

Stephanie A (Age 30)

“Shape Station is a great place to get toned and meet new friends” –

I have been attending Shape Station for the past 5 years.

Being a busy working mum in her 40s my visits to Shape Station are time for me to relax whilst still feeling my body being toned.

Mya always has a smile on her face and is always making sure I’m happy and getting the most use from the machines.

Sandra V
Burwood East

 “A great way to maintain flexibility at any age” –

When symptoms of my age became noticeable but the will to join an energetic noisy gym was missing I was lucky to find an article in the local Leader newspaper about Shape Station

A studio suitable for the mature woman who needs gentle assistance to keep the body and mind active, stimulated and toned.

At Shape Station the motorised beds do all the work for you , each working on a different part of the body for 8 minutes on 8 machines.

A friendly and welcoming greeting and chat has also been important. I along with others have developed true lasting friendships encouraged by Mya over the last ten years that I have been here using the facilities.

I am only one of the many satisfied ladies that attend Shape Station and we will all give you a warm welcome when you come and join us on these wonderful machines.

I am so pleased I did all those years ago.

Glenda Swift. (Age 79)

 “Who would have thought that getting into shape can be so much fun” –

Being 78 years of age, I was looking for an interesting but not excessive exercise program.

After some unsuccessful searching I eventually found the Shape Station Studio.

All my desires have been met, as my fitness has improved in this very happy environment.

Thank you SSS and Mya you are a marvel.

Shirley H.
Burwood East

 “Shape Station is the best place to lose weight and tone up”

You can’t lose weight if you are not happy, it does not matter what path you take but at Shape Station you start to feel good and so your body changes. I suppose it’s because this place has a great atmosphere of friendliness. It is well known that people sign up at a gym and only last 3 months but interestingly – Shape Station has many clients that have been here for many years. The reason for that is exercising lying down works, it is the ultimate way of working out without it feeling like it’s a chore and Mya makes sure you feel safe and happy and part of the family.

I tell everyone that this is the best place to lose weight and tone up and enjoy a friendly and supportive environment.

Michele T. (Age 60)
Glen Iris

 “Shape Station helped with my knee problem”

I have always suffered from knee problems since a child and since coming to Shape Station I don’t have a problem with my knees anymore.

Using the machines at Shape Station maintains my flexibility which also helps me in my work as a diversional therapist.

The people I meet are lovely and I enjoy chatting and making friends. We talk about gardening, recipes and travelling all aspects of life are covered and many problems solved.

Robyn M
Mt Waverly (age 55)

 “A convenient and friendly exercise studio”.

I started with Shape Station in 2006, then run by the previous owner. Mya took over the business and changed the environment to become a more friendly and welcoming place. Shape Station is convenient for me being local and I enjoy the ability to keep my body active whatever the weather outside. I travel a bit and there is no issue with slotting back into the regime when I return.

Many thanks Mya,

Pam B ( age 79)

 “The exercising machines are easy to use”

While Attending Shape Station I’ve made a great friend in Mya who is always welcoming to everyone who walks in the door. The exercising machines are easy to use giving me a low impact workout. I go home feeling energised and positive in my outlook due to the great environment and knowing I have done something good for my mind and body.

Di P (Age 60)
Box Hill

 “This Exercise helps with my Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis”

I first started using these machines in 1995 in Pinewood. I like to use the machines twice a week to help with my flexibility because I have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

I found Shape Station when Pinewood closed and have been here since 2008. I like use the machines so I don’t feel so stiff and like to be active. This type of exercise helps me to stay active and feel good..

Sophia A (Age 76)
Mt Waverly..

 “Let the machines do their magic”

I’ve been going to Shape Station for 2 years not because I haven’t achieved my aim, quite the contrary. Because I enjoy the relaxed and friendly environment of Mya and all the other women.

You can chill out, have a laugh and a conversation with “the girls” of all sizes and backgrounds or you can just lay there and read a magazine and let the machines do their magic

It becomes part of your healthy lifestyle.