Mya was a client of Shape Station herself for two years and loving the results from the machines she made an offer and took over the business
in 2006.

She enjoys being motivated and expanding her interests in health and nutrition, not only for herself but in the health and welfare of her clients who attend the studio. She has a genuine desire to help people and her warm and engaging nature has in many instances been responsible for turning many lives around for the better, by transforming not only their bodies but self- esteem and lifestyle.

Many know or remember her as Jenni – on 17 September 2012, Jenni legally changed her name to Mya G. Grayly as part of a fresh start in life and on October 25th 2012 she became a Grandmother to twin boys Noa and Lucas.

Mya is in her early 50’s and lists her hobbies and interests as family events, mini escapes with her Partner to exotic destinations, fashion, fitness, live shows, reading, film, health and nutrition and a keen interest in name analysis.

Here are a few of her tips to feeling good

Get some SUN – Deficiency in Vitamin D can lead to depression – make sure to get some sun for at least 20-30 minutes per day to get your Vitamin D. If you can’t get outside, taking a Vitamin D supplement is a good idea. Take ~2000-5000 IU every day.

Get some EXERCISE – Exercise has been shown to boost serotonin levels in the brain. Just a simple walk or come and join us on the machines will help you feeling good again.

Get a MASSAGE – Not only does it feel amazing but it’ll relax you.

Eat NUTRITIOUS FOOD – love your body and look after it. Stay away from sugar and processed foods. Eat meat, vegetables, salads and fruit and top up with a superfood and good quality supplements.

DRINK WATER – It helps with weight loss – water consumption makes you feel fuller and therefore less calorie intake. Drinking water maintains the body’s fluid balance and helps flushes toxins and helps skin look clearer.

SMILE– Something biochemical happens when you smile, and it almost FORCES you to be happy.

HANG OUT WITH PEOPLE THAT MOTIVATE YOU AND INSPIRE YOU – Being around people that inspire you can really can give you that extra kick in the butt to get out of your negative feelings and into a happy healthy lifestyle.

I look forward to meeting, motivating and getting you back into shape.

Mya G. Grayly