The Body Quest System

Shape Station offers you a new and relaxing way to lose centimetres using the Body Quest System, including the new vibration plate that will help shake off that fat, while doing serious body toning at the same time. Find out more about each of the Body Quest Toning Beds below.

  • Machine No 1

    Is the “Cheeky Bum Bed” – Targets your bottom and works to firm and smooth the skin. The unique movement of this machine helps to strengthen, tone and tighten the stomach. Incorporating a gentle vibration massage that helps detoxify and reduce cellulite.

  • Machine No 2

    Is nicknamed the “Gyno” Machine – Firms inner and outer thighs. This machine slenderises and tones the entire leg area, hips and buttocks. It concentrates on reducing the inner and outer thigh areas through muscle strengthening and endurance.

  • Machine No. 3

    Works the Tummy – Concentrates on the entire tummy area. The abdominal region is firmed and toned,  reducing centimetres around the hips and waist while the lower back is strengthened. Power assisted machine reduces strain on lower back.

  • Machine No. 4

    The Waist Machine – Concentrates on reducing centimetres around the waist  – Also strengthening the muscles in the lower back. All over muscle tone is improved and the waistline is reduced.

  • Machine No. 5

    The Thigh Machine – tones and firms the thigh area including hips, buttocks and legs. The simultaneous action works to firm and tone the thigh area. Thighs move approximately 520 times during a normal 8 minute session reducing centimetres in the waist, abdomen and hip area. Also strengthening the muscles in the lower back.

  • Machine No. 6

    Upper Body/Thigh Machine –  This machine stretches the body, strengthens and tightens muscles in the abdomen and midriff areas. Arms move up and down firming and toning underarms and back bra line. The bust line and ribcage are lifted, creating better posture and firmer upper body.

  • Machine No 7

    Relaxation Bed – A gentle relaxation bed to finish the workout – relax muscles and relieves stress. This machine massages the body with a gentle vibrating action. It increases blood circulation without increasing the heart rate. Eliminates excess water retention. Relaxes tense muscles and helps to relieve stress.

  • Vibration Plate

    The therapeutic benefits are significant including increased energy levels and circulation, improved flexibility and mobility, endurance and stress reduction

  • Shape Station is ideal for Mothers who want to attack the post- baby flabby bits.
  • Excellent if you are nursing an old injury and a big relief if you suffer back, neck or knee pain
  • Fighting the effects of arthritis
  • Recovering from an operation.
  • An effective way of getting back on the move as well as reducing chronic pain.
  • Alleviate the stresses of working, socialising and playing it hard and get the benefits of a refreshing night’s sleep.

Get started on the path to enjoying long term health benefits and a slimmer body

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