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About Shape Station Studio

Shape Station is an ideal workout for weight loss and reduction of body fat suitable for adults of all levels of fitness and ability –  at any age.

Located in Burwood East it is a fun-filled relaxed studio environment where you can exercise in comfort as you shape and tone your body losing centimetres.

Many people find conventional gyms intimidating, and if you are not happy with your figure a conventional gym full of toned bodies is the last place you want to be

At Shape Station there is no stress, no strain and no perspiration and is ideal for the mature women that prefers a more gentle approach to exercise using CPM – continuous passive motion –  you will love spending the full one hour on this unique power assisted exercise program- the machines do the work for you.

This is a proven method used widely in both USA, Europe and now becoming popular in Australia.

Most of all you will love the results

  • Get fit and tone up
  • Lose centimetres
  • Improve circulation, flexibility and mobility
  • Reduce water retention
  • Relieve chronic pain in ankles, calves and lower back.
  • Excellent for people with injuries, MS, arthritis or post-operative.

Exercising can help slow the ageing process and boost your immune system. Improves sleep and alleviate stress.

It will also get your endorphins racing around your system. Those feel good brain chemicals will make you feel brighter and happier.

Get started on the path to enjoying long term health benefits and a slimmer body

Phone the Shape Station Studio today  – we have the power to assist

Ph: (03) 9887 6768 or mobile 0403 51 77 77 Email enquiries to