Relax, Shape Up and Tone Your Body
With Power Assisted Exercise

The Body Quest Toning System has been shown to be successful for adults of all levels of fitness and ability –  at any age.

Here at Shape Station you receive personalised care and attention in a small comfortable and friendly environment to help you reach your health, weight and fitness goals.

You can say goodbye to injuries, strain and fatigue associated with traditional sweaty gyms. Shape Station is the way to a trimmer healthier you with no stress, no strain and no perspiration

Exercise is made easier using the Body Quest Toning System, power assisted exercise specifically designed to reshape your body while lying down.

It is ideal for the mature women that prefers a more gentle approach to exercise using CPM – continuous passive motion.

It is also effective with certain injuries or medical conditions when exercise is difficult –  using this system it will help to move your body safely and effectively through a range of prescribed automated motions.

Benefits of Power Assisted Exercise

The benefits include weight loss, improved figure, flexibility, posture, circulation and mobility.

  • Long term fitness and weight loss.
  • Ideal for Mothers who want to attack the post-baby bits or just get back into shape
  • Especially suitable, safe and effective for Seniors
    Women feel better and have a longer and healthier quality of life due to increased mobility which also ensures less incidence of falls.
  • Excellent for fighting the effect of arthritis
    An easy and effective way of getting back on the move while shaping up. Power assisted exercise has been found to be beneficial to arthritis.
  • Suitable for Medical and Rehabilitation
    Recovery from strokes and heart attacks or if you are nursing knee or hip injuries or pre and postsurgical situations.
  • Provides long term exercise option for post recovery
  • A big relief if you suffer from back, neck or knee pain.
  • Improves sleep and feeling of wellbeing

How Does The Body Quest Toning System Work?

The power assisted exercise works through repetitive isometric movement to isolate muscle groups and sculpt the body.

The system is similar to aqua exercise  – both support your body weight to reduce pressure to joints.

You experience eight power assisted machines that work on different parts of the body giving overall body sculpting and toning using CPM  – continual passive motion.

We also include 10 minutes on the vibration plate  – this is an overall fitness machine which not only makes slimming and toning a pleasure but the aerobic massage produced by the vibration can effectively reduce surplus fat and water retention – enhancing weight loss.

As age increases the blood vessels reduce in size. The vibrations can accelerate blood flow enhancing reduction in blood pressure.

Benefits include:

  • Improved blood circulation, relieves pain of the muscles.
  • Reduction of cellulite by increasing blood circulation
  • Effective against muscle strain and fatigue.
  • It has relaxing effects and improves the body immunity
  • Improvement of arthritis and any other muscle disease
  • Increases flexibility of the whole body, stimulates and strengthens the muscular system
  • Prevents Osteoporosis and increases bone density

Enjoy Long Term Health Benefits And Shape Up Today

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